Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"We Cant all be heros" (KC Cakefest 2013)

We've been so busy since the last KC Cakefest that we've seldom had the time to really get down and dirty with the 2013 event, though we have been working on it all the while.  We have been laying the ground work for the show and we finally have enough to really run with it!  We've talked with some great veterans groups including the Tuskegee Airmen, Commemorative Air force and our sponsored charity Honor Flight!  We're excited to work with all of them, and Honor Flight will be our Official charity, though we will do our best to help promote and further the work of all three in addition to simply trying to say thanks to veterans of all of our armed forces, with cake!


The 2013 show will be at the Exhibition hall of Kansas City's Municipal auditorium, in beautiful downtown Kansas City.  This venue is a huge step up from our last event and we go from having 1,804 sq ft of vendor space to having a staggering 18,000!  That's 10 times the space for vendors, family activities and cake related demonstrations!  Additionally the space for the "greatest show in cake" is nearly 4 times as large!  The Exhibition hall is an awesome example of art-deco architecture, and is perfect for our retro themed show! 

The entire 2013 Cakefest is intended not just as a great cake event, but also a great "Feel Good" event in which we, as a tightly knit group of cake peers, come together and do what it is that we do best!  We celebrate, and stand united in our continued quest to further the sugar arts!  What a better way to show our thankfulness for the freedoms we have, and opportunities available to us in the greatest of nations?  We owe our freedoms to the men and women who fought to provide those freedoms for us, and by doing what we do (cake) we can say thanks to the people who deserve it most! I think it's best summed up by the Will Rogers quote, Honor flight uses as their slogan...  "

"we can't all be heroes...  Some of us have to stand on the curb and clap as they go by" 

2013 KC Cakefest will include all that you saw last year, only done to an even higher standard!  We learned so much from the previous event and although it was met with high praises, those of us who designed and put together the show know it wasn't half of what it could have been!  This year, we promise to get it right!  we will settle for nothing less!

Some of the improvements will include, More vendors, and a better flow of traffic within the new hall.  More demonstrations with quality sound at each demo.  More cupcakes!  We'll do our best to not sell out as fast.  We went through many thousands of cupcakes last year and our amazing group of cupcakeries, led by Simonie Wilson did a great job trying to please our sweets seeking guest! 
The live competitions will have better lighting and sound, with a much improved video documentation service.  We want the experience for our guest in the crowd to be as close to the TV experience as possible, but LIVE!  We have a dedicated group of volunteers that will help ensure guest have a less stressful day, by providing knowledgeable information and support.  In a nut shell, we plan to streamline the event so that guest can make the most out of their experience, and not be left wondering where to go.  In addition to the weekends cake events, we'll be hosting some honored veterans, and sharing their story as well 

We were lucky to have such great support for this past show, but we are even more excited by the massive surge of support we've encountered since then!  KC Cakefest was un-like any other cake show, and this coming 2013 year it will surpass the mark and truly be what we dreamt it would be!  There is so much to do and see that we can't even begin to list it all!

Very soon you'll be able to go to kccakefest.com and get all the info you need.  We will be taking registrations for the cake show, volunteers and much more!   We need your help and we'd love to see you at what's quickly become THE cake show of the year, and the best part is the meaning behind  the event!  Not only are we creating great cakes and having an unforgettable time, we're giving back to those who gave so much for us! 

I have been honored in my life to have known many truly great American Heros.  From Lyle Caspari, a customer of my fathers auto shop, who was a tail gunner on a B-24 on the missions to Ploieste, to a cake friend of my mothers who closed his bakery in 1939 when he was recruited to fly BF-109's for Germany, my sisters and I used to work for a very sweet man who served in WWI, WWII, and Korea.  Even my Band teacher in High School, who fought in the Vietnam Conflict, and Mr. Whitehead, a  US Marine/Vietnam Vet, who guided me through a tough time in my youth.  I can't begin to list them all,  as I've been blessed to know so many and even more blessed by the fact that so many of them took an interest in my life and helped to shape me into who I am today.
I was befriended, often as a little boy by so many and I will never forget any of them, for what they did and shared with me, and more so for the price they payed so that I could grow up with the freedoms we so often take for granted!  I plan to share some of the stories in future blogs, and we will have a place to share your story on the new 2013 KC Cakefest website!      

Remember to trek over to www.honorflightkc.com to learn more about their mission

Peace N Love


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